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Welcome to genealogy.haleycentral.com, our online history of the Haley, Lawrence, Cotter, Saunders, and other allied families

     The more than 70,000 individuals, 14,404 surnames, and 38,021 families listed within this web site comprise the extended HALEY and LAWRENCE  families and their known-to-us genealogical histories. Our web site contains information compiled through the meticulous and time-consuming efforts of our many relatives and friends as well as other participating family researchers, and includes contributions by several distant ''cousins''. These family branches have deep roots in early America and Australia.
     Our family tree is in near-constant flux and was last updated on August 25, 2014. This collective and cooperative repository of family data, as presented herein, is by no means complete and most certainly contains some errors. We hope you can offer corrections or wish to contribute additional information, pictures, or documentation. Please use the built-in email function to advise us so (see footer below) or if you are a relative of ours, you may request membership/registration (at right). Any and all of your comments are encouraged and are always welcome.

NOTE: Registration to view deceased ancestors on this site is not necessary. You need only register if you plan to participate by contributing information and materials via our online databases. Please review the FAQ for more information on registration requirements, benefits and for a recap of our strict site privacy policies.

     This HALEY-LAWRENCE Family site is presented online using webtrees, a free open-source, collaborative, online genealogy program. This page provides an introduction and overview to our ancestral history. To begin working with the data, select one of this site's favorites (below or from the header), choose one of the charts from the charts menu, go to the individual or family list feature, or search for a name or place using the search function at the top right. Also, a browser hint: webtrees works best with the most current browser versions as it has extensive use of javascript and Ajax. We highly recommend you use the free Firefox, Safari and Chrome browsers. We no longer support older versions of Internet Explorer (IE-6, 7, and soon IE8), Netscape, early AOL browsers, and almost any older browser.
     Thank you for visiting our extended family history sites, genealogy.haleycentral.com.com. We look forward to sharing our families with all of you - our ''cousins''.

Warmest personal regards,
Ron Haley
NOTE: Data on living individuals is protected by strict privacy rules and all information contained within this site is protected by U.S. and international copyright laws and may not be used for any commercial purposes whatsoever. We thank the many other researchers who have allowed the incorporation of their work within the data presented herein and we acknowledge their individual and collective copyrights and ownership of these efforts.
Haley Lawrence Cotter Saunders Family Tree
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