Ned Kelly

Edward (Ned) KellyAge: 25 years18551880

Edward (Ned) Kelly
Given names
Edward (Ned)
Birth June 1855 35 23
Birth of a sisterKate Kelly
Birth of a sisterMargaret Kelly
June 1857 (Age 2 years)
Birth of a brotherJames Kelly
1858 (Age 2 years)
Birth of a brotherDaniel Kelly
June 1, 1861 (Age 6 years)
Birth of a sisterCatherine Ada Kelly
July 12, 1863 (Age 8 years)
Birth of a sisterGrace Kelly
August 10, 1865 (Age 10 years)
Death of a fatherJohn Kelly
December 27, 1866 (Age 11 years)
Death of a maternal grandfatherJames Quinn
August 22, 1869 (Age 14 years)
Marriage of a parentGeorge KingEllen Elizabeth QuinnView this family
February 19, 1874 (Age 18 years)

Death of a brotherDaniel Kelly
June 28, 1880 (Age 25 years)
Burial of a brotherDaniel Kelly
June 29, 1880 (Age 25 years)
Death November 11, 1880 (Age 25 years)
Burial November 11, 1880 (on the date of death)
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: November 18, 1850Melbourne, Vic
3 months
elder sister
3 years
elder sister
2 years
6 months
Ned KellyEdward (Ned) Kelly
Birth: June 1855 35 23Alias "Ned" - Beveridge, Vic
Death: November 11, 1880Melbourne, Vic
2 years
younger sister
19 months
younger brother
James Kelly
Birth: 1858 37 26Abt. Beveridge, Vic, Australia
Death: December 18, 1946Glen Rowan, Vic.
3 years
younger brother
2 years
younger sister
2 years
younger sister
Mother’s family with George King - View this family
Marriage: February 19, 1874

  1. Generation 1
    1. Edward (Ned) Kelly

      Edward (Ned) Kelly, son of John Kelly and Ellen Elizabeth Quinn, was born in June 1855 in Alias "Ned" - Beveridge, Vic and died on November 11, 1880 in Melbourne, Vic at the age of 25.

Shared note

A brief history of Ned Kelly and the Kelly Gang Edward 'Ned' Kelly was the first-born son of an Irish Catholic couple. His father was an ex-convict and mother a migrant. He was born in June 1855 and was executed in 1880 at 25 years of age. In his teens he was a 'bush-worker' - ring-barking, breaking in horses, mustering cattle, and fencing. From this he graduated to cattle duffing and horse stealing. During Ned's short life, he was arrested for assault, horse stealing, bank robbery, and finally a reward for £100 was put out for Ned and Dan Kelly for attempted murder of a policeman. Later the reward was increased to £1000 for each of the Kelly Gang for the murder of three policemen at Stringybark Creek. After more bank robberies, the Kelly Gang's had their 'last stand' in the small town of Glenrowan, Victoria, where the gang took 60 hostages in a hotel. In the battle with police three gang members - Dan Kelly, Joe Byrne and Steve Hart - were killed and a wounded Ned was arrested and charged with the murder of a policeman. Ned Kelly was tried and convicted of the murder of Constable Lonigan at Stringybark Creek and hanged at the Melbourne Gaol. An extensive history of Ned Kelly and the Kelly Gang can be seen at Ned Kelly: Australian Ironoutlaw The Old Melbourne Gaol held a unique Kelly Exhibition in early 2002, and the Kelly gang featured in the National Museum of Australia's 2003/04 Outlawed! exhibition.

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